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About Martin North, Chimney Sweep

Martin North, Chimney Sweep, Oxfordshire

Martin is a certified chimney sweep based near Witney and Oxford who trained at the Chimney Sweep Academy in Sudbury, Suffolk. He comes from a family tradition of chimney sweeping and the family chimney sweep business has been trading since 2002. Martin was initially trained in traditional manual chimney sweeping by his brother, Graham North, and more recently trained in the use modern snap lock power chimney sweeping tools and methods. This makes Martin a more adaptable sweep to all situations and takes the business to the next level.

Martin offers a professional, friendly and reliable chimney sweeping service from his base in Oxfordshire to ensure customers are kept safe from any potential hazards and problems associated with soot and faulty or blocked appliances coupled with expert advice.  All chimney sweeps are hoovered at the same time as sweeping to ensure a clean and efficient sweep and Chimney Sweep Certificates are given on completion.

Martin is a fully insurance approved and certified chimney sweep with the Chimney Sweep Academy.

For installations Martin only works with certified engineers so customers can rest assured their stove installation will be compliant and meet required building regulations.

Chimney Maintenance Services

Chimney Sweeping

Martin North, Chimney Sweep, Oxfordshire

Martin North Services can help make sure your chimney is free of all dirt, dust, soot and cobwebs.  Martin offers a wide variety of professional chimney sweeping services including:

  • Traditional manual brush chimney sweep
  • Modern snap lock power chimney sweep
  • Viper brush chimney sweep
  • Recordable chimney CCTV surveys and diagnostics
  • Chimney fault finding remedy and advice
  • Smoke alarm installation
  • Carbon monoxide alarm installation
  • Wood stove door seal rope repairs
  • Fire cement / Heat resistant silicon (1000 degree) carried on board to re-seal gaps
  • Bird nest removal (after birds have finished nesting)
  • Chimney Sweep Certificates given on completion

Chimney Repairs

As well as keeping your chimney and fireplace clean Martin can also help you should there be any damage.

Martin North Services have certified engineers who can repair your chimney to remove any risk of it falling. Should there be too much damage to your chimney it could be a potential hazard. Keep your chimney in top condition with regular inspections and chimney sweeps.

Chimney Sweep Pricing

Standard Chimney Sweep


Manual, power or viper chimney sweep
2 story building (32-34 foot height)
Lined burner or open fire

3 Story Advanced Chimney Sweep


Manual, power or viper chimney sweep
3 story building (35-44 foot height)
Twin walled log burner or jetmaster 

4 Story Advanced Chimney Sweep


Manual, power or viper chimney sweep
4 story building (45-52 foot height)
Twin walled log burner or jetmaster 

5 Story Advanced Chimney Sweep


Manual, power or viper chimney sweep
5 story building (53-66 foot height)
Twin walled log burner or jetmaster 

CCTV Chimney Survey


Camera survey of chimney or flues

Inglenook / Unlined Burner Sweep


Manual or power sweep

Bird Nest / Blockage Removal


Removal of birds nest (outside of breeding season), trapped birds or other blockage from chimney

Business/Letting Agent Surcharge


A £25 administration charge will be applied on top of sweep charges quoted here

All chimney sweep costs above are based on up to 1 hour's work.  However, it should be borne in mind some jobs can take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances and as such may incur additional charges. Martin makes every effort to arrive on time but your patience is much appreciated. A £40 call out fee will be charged if, for any reason, Martin can not carry out works intended at a property. An additional fee may be charged if your grate or fireplace require cleaning before a chimney sweep can be done. 

Payment is required prior to the day of the sweep and should the sweep take more than one hour, payment of the remainder will be required on the day. Cash, BACS, cheque & card payments accepted. Any completed work not paid for in full by the day or bounced cheques will be subject to an added administration fee of £25.

Preparing for a chimney sweep

Fireplaces and appliances need to be cold before any sweeping can take place. Therefore please ensure no fires are lit or appliances used for 24 hours (48 hours for agas or boilers) prior to any booked chimney sweep.

Please remove all ash and debris from fireplace and stoves and ensure that a 1 square metre work area in front of the appliance is cleared before arrival.  It is also recommended to remove any ornaments on mantlepieces.

The importance of chimney sweeping

Martin North, Chimney Sweep, Oxfordshire

A chimney is a ventilation system that allows smoke, toxins and dangerous fumes to escape the home from fireplaces, wood stoves and other fossil-fuel heating appliances. When these appliances are used they deposit combustible by-products in the chimney flue in the form of soot and creosote which can decrease the efficiency of the chimney and pose a safety hazard. It is important therefore to ensure your chimney is clean and free from damage or blockages with regular inspections and chimney sweeping to reduce the risk of a chimney fire and avoid carbon monoxide emissions into your home.

Chimneys should be swept regularly and how often a chimney requires sweeping will depend on a number of factors which include the type of fire you have, the fuel used and how often the fire is in use. Any chimney should be inspected and swept at least once a year regardless of fuel type and use, whilst bituminous coal fires should be swept at least twice a year and wood fires may require sweeping every 3 months. There are approximately 7,000 chimney fires a year in England and most of these are preventable.

Products Available

In addition to chimney sweeping and repair Martin can offer the following related products for sale.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Smoke Alarms

Chimney and Flu Cleaner

Black Stove and Grate Polish  

Stove Spray Glass and Hearth Cleaner

Magnetic Stove Thermometer Gauge

Echo Stove Heat Powered Fan

Assortment of Fire Ropes and adhesives  

chimney related products

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